Blizzard, Nvidia Better Places to Work in 2017 Than EA Poll Suggests

US-based job search engine and review aggregator, Glassdoor, has just published its annual list of the best places to work for 2017. As voted for by employees of some of the biggest and/or most popular businesses in the US, UK, Canada, France & Germany, a few video game and video game-related companies made the list’s top 100. EA managed to rank as high as number 56, however it found itself overshadowed by three other companies within the same industry.

Where Microsoft came in at 39 on the list, Blizzard Entertainment — a subsidiary of EA’s biggest and nearest rival, Activision Blizzard — reached as high as number 28 with Nvidia scoring even better at number 24 on the list. Sadly none of the four could match the near-glowing praise for the likes of In-N-Out Burger (fourth-best on the list) and even the official Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (number 18). Better luck next year EA.