Iconoclasts Gets Release Date In New Cinematic Trailer

Robin is an unlicensed mechanic, which is a problem for someone who only wants to fix the world but is stuck doing it outside the law.  On the plus side, she’ll be doing it in a beautifully-2D action-platformer adventure, running and jumping through the world while beating things with her giant golden wrench.  Her quest will take her deep into the mysteries of her land’s history, meeting new people and taking down huge bosses that just want to guard their secrets from nosy mechanics.

Iconoclasts has been in the works for seven years by a single developer, Joakim “Konjak” Sandberg, best known for cult favorite Noitu Love 2: Devolution, and as today’s new trailer shows those years are reflected in the art, animation, and the promise of some amazing action.  As of today that long development time has a release date, with January 23 seeing Iconoclasts show up on PS4, Vita and PC.  As is tradition the announcement comes with a new trailer, so take a look at it below to see some fantastic 2D art in motion.