A New Dimension of Inexplicable Color in First 0°N 0°W Trailer

The world is an incredibly solid place, as anyone who’s ever slipped on ice or walked into a door frame has experienced.  It’s hard to get more Real than a stone, which simply doesn’t care if you exist or not and will be here millions of years after people are gone.  That doesn’t mean the world is the only reality, though, and in certain places the walls have worn thin.  A small, lost town in the American midwest holds a door to new dimensions, and to explore all you need to do is walk through.  0°N 0°W (pronounced Zero North Zero West) is an exploration game where you’ve found the entry to new worlds never seen before, just sitting there on the outside of reality waiting for anything to come visiting.  There’s no combat and no walls, but rather a huge map put together randomly from pre-built pieces of scenery where doors may not open to the same place twice, gravity is selective, and the color has shifted to overdrive.  The game is the journey, and the goal is to see what you can find.  It’s a big, strange, multidimensional set of universes out there, and it could be nice to go for a stroll through them to take in their otherworldly sights.