Monster Hunter Funko Pop!s Announced

Monster Hunter has been all over the news lately. The recent Stories spin-off and upcoming epic adventure are going to make these highly sought after by the biggest fans. We know some of our staff will need to get their hands on them! Soon, you can add more to the previous Monster Hunter Pop! revealed.

Funko announced four Monster Hunter characters being released. Zinogre, Rathalos, Felyne and Hunter figures are part of the series. Each one is pretty cute while also looking extremely cool. The Rathalos comes with a support stand to make it look like it’s flying. Zinogre is ready to launch into an attack. Felyne is adorable and ready to help in any way. Then, the Hunter is prepare to take on any massive challenges.

Monster Hunter is bound to get even bigger which means these are coming at the perfect time. Each one is set to release in February but you can check out some images of the Pop!s below.