Reigns: Her Majesty Gets a Gorgeous Animated Launch Trailer

So Devolver Digital’s new swiping-controlled highness simulator Reigns: Her Majesty was released today, and in case you didn’t hear, we found it to be quite excellent indeed. But given the minimalist approach to its presentation, one may wonder how to capture the spirit of the game in a more exciting manner. And as the game’s launch trailer proves, the answer is simple: Give it a rather bold, 2D animated trailer.

With the help of Powerhouse Animation, we get to see just how managing a kingdom through a system like this can affect one’s life in certain ways…and how recklessly swiping without thinking about the consequences can cost you dearly. It is a quick and colorful burst of energy that nicely captures the game’s sense of humor, and hopefully it entices more than a few people to check out Reigns: Her Majesty on either mobile devices or PC.