Ace Attorney Investigations Makes its Way to Mobile

Capcom appears to be on a steady roll with re-releasing titles from their classic deductive franchise, as the first Investigations title has just seen release on mobile platforms. Investigations steers away from the normal court gameplay and takes control of Miles Edgeworth as he acts a bit more like a detective himself in order to solve crimes before they’re even taken to court, now with a brand new high-res appearance on the new platform.

There is also the potential for the title to be ported to 3DS. The second Investigations title will likely follow in its path by being made available on mobile in the future, and while there’s no guarantee, it would be a good time for Capcom to consider localizing one of the few Ace Attorney titles the west have never gotten to officially play.

Those with mobile devices can purchase the game for $11.99 on through the google play store right here or apple store right here. Finally, be sure to check out the Japanese teaser trailer down below: