God of War’s Length Revealed at PlayStation Experience

Corey Barlog has revealed how long it’ll take you to beat God of War when it launches early 2018.

Director Corey Barlog took the stage at PlayStation Experience tonight to discuss God of War. While no release date was revealed, Barlog did reveal how long it’ll take to beat the game. While previous games could last anywhere from six to fifteen hours, God of War will nearly double that length. According to Barlog, God of War will last players anywhere between 25-35 hours long.

God of War is the fourth major entry in the franchise and takes the series into uncharted territory. The game leaves behind the Greek setting of the previous titles in favor of a Norse setting. A long time has passed since Kratos took his revenge on Zeus and the Olympian gods, and he now finds himself living in a new world raising his son, Arteus.

God of War is out early 2018 exclusively on PS4.