Hello Neighbor’s Launch Trailer Still Increases the Mystery

Hello Neighbor has been one of the most anticipated indie games this year among the fans, largely thanks to some much-beloved alphas and betas that were available, quickly turning it into a YouTube darling. And now, as of today, the game is finally released in full for those to enjoy, and said release naturally comes with a launch trailer…and one that still isn’t letting you forget just how bizarre a game with a seemingly simple goal about sneaking into your neighbor’s house can get.

Giant neighbors? Plants growing rapidly right before your eyes? Stacks upon stacks of “Missing” (or “Simming”) posters? A creepy, shadowy figure made out of whirling debris? It’s all in the latest clip for the stealth/horror game, which you can check out below. Hello Neighbor is now available for PC and Xbox One, so if you’re curious as to what secrets are at the center of all this madness, it’s time for you to get cracking.