First Teaser for Pokémon Movie 2018 Revealed

Get ready, Pokémaniacs, a brand new feature length film is in the works! And no, it’s not Detective Pikachu. A short teaser trailer was released today to promote an upcoming Pokémon movie project which will release next year!

While there isn’t really much to see, it does offer a bit of insight of some things. We see Ash and his long-time pal, Pikachu, standing above a body of water. His outfit is a little different as well as his appearance, most notably the eyes. However, his hat has the same emblem as the one worn in the last movie, I Choose You!. This could lead one to believe it is a direct continuation of that time frame. Then, we are shown a brand new character. A young lady with colorfully styled hair raises a Poké Ball towards the sky before catching a glimpse at something that surprises her. Music similar to that of Lugia’s theme is heard which could what she sees. The previous film was a retelling of Ash’s origins, perhaps this follows suit and is a new spin on Pokémon The Movie 2000.

It’s all we get from the trailer, so stay tuned for further details. The movie is set to release in July 2018 which gives us plenty of time to learn more! Check out the clip of it below as well as the official website.