The Champions’ Ballad Delivers the Last Worthy Challenge to Breath of the Wild

With the release of the Champions’ Ballad, Breath of the Wild has officially completed its run for the main DLC (following Master of Trials). There’s still the potential of more free goodies in the future, such as what we saw with the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 outfit, but for now the game is complete as far as new content goes. While the previous DLC pack added more challenging content for people to take on, the Champions’ Ballad adds even more story that players could get to experience. That is, however, if they could first face the challenges set before them.

The Champions’ Ballad can only be started after all four divine beasts have been beaten. After this, Link will hear Zelda urging him to return from where he awoke and set his Sheikah slate back on the stone tablet he took it from. Once this task is completed Link will be given an ancient weapon known as the One-Hit Obliterator, in addition to having all but one quarter of a heart drained from him. This weapon can destroy any enemy with one swipe, but in return any damage done to Link will immediately result in his death as well. After receiving the weapon he then sets out upon the plateau and is tasked with conquering four areas full of monsters and four new shrines in order to continue.

Once free to leave the plateau, Link must visit four newly risen mysterious stone monuments in the four corners of Hyrule. After he arrives he will be given riddles in a song by the traveling minstrel Kass, in addition to three locations shown to him on small maps. After visiting these areas and solving the puzzles there Link then faces down a familiar boss with limited tools, and is then given a cutscene related to the champion originally from that area of Hyrule and how Zelda came to give them their role. Completing any one of these allows all of Link’s champion abilities to restore more quickly once used by quite a bit, making it a worth while prize for the challenge. If all four of these challenges are mastered, the final area will reveal itself.

After learning of all four champions in a little more depth, a voice will tell Link that he has one more task before him. A fifth divine beast dungeon has been located, and only Link can travel to it and make his way through solving the puzzles before him in order to truly prove he is the chosen hero. Of course, we won’t spoil what the final dungeon is like, but the prize for going through to the very in is Link’s brand new ride the Master Cycle Zero. This motorcycle, known as an ancient artifact as it’s given to him, can be summoned at any time and can be ridden all across Hyrule. It will need to be fueled, but fortunately any item in Link’s inventory can be used to quickly fuel it up. This cycle completely replaces horses, and in addition to be able to jump, do wheelies and even make donuts in the grass.

All together, the Champions’ Ballad offers sixteen new shrines to complete and an entirely new dungeon in addition to some great new puzzles along the way. Although it would have been nice if the story segments were a bit more than just cutscenes, such as allowing Link to play out a moment in the past with them, it was incredibly enjoyable to learn more about these four along the journey. The puzzles were easily the highlight, as even just facing down enemies with a quarter of a heart made for a fun challenge and great new way to approach combat. Depending on the player, this DLC easily adds a good five or more hours of gameplay if trying to discover every last thing using only Link’s wits.

Those looking to jump back into Breath of the Wild will enjoy playing through this DLC pack. Aside from the main trials, a few new costumes are also accessible via short quests for those who want brand new looks for Link. It may be a bit more of a challenge for those who haven’t played in a while and are a bit rusty, but it’s well worth looking into for anyone who wants a challenge, more story and some awesome rewards for completing it. The Champions’ Ballad is truly for those looking to dive into even more of this wonderfully crafted world of Hyrule.