Oxenfree Devs Unveil Latest Project Afterparty

Night School Studio — following on from the success of their previous title Oxenfree, with which has just recently found its way onto the Nintendo Switch this October — have today announced the first few details regarding their next project. While it may follow on from Oxenfree’s adventure game foundation, Afterparty (as it’s referred to) ditches the supernatural-tainted stretches of Earth and descends quite literally into hell itself.

Afterparty centers around two characters, Milo and Lola, whom for reasons unknown find themselves dead and winding up at the gates of Hell itself. While on a quest to figure out what they did in their past lives to incur a one-way trip below ground, they stumble upon the fact that one can escape Hell, but only if they beat Satan himself at a drinking game. Even still, the premise isn’t as simple as it may seem as Afterparty finds Milo and Lola exploring Hell’s more lavish, vibrant, bustling night-life with players inevitably discovering a fair few other bars and clubs owned by other demons whom the two protagonists must also best at the same manner of drinking game.

Night School indeed confirm that drinking plays an integral role in player-choice with an assortment of different liquids and beverages altering one’s behaviour and “skills” during differing situations. Just like real-life essentially. It’s through this pub-crawl of sorts that Milo and Lola will discover how to inevitably reach the devil himself, but not before brushing up with an assortment of beasts and other hellish monstrosities all looking for a good time. That’s all the info we have at present; no release date or targeted platforms have so far been given but stay tuned as we most definitely keep a close eye on Night School’s next aesthetically-intriguing project