Review: DXRacer Sentinel Series

With the holiday season currently in full swing, many may be looking to upgrade their gaming seat options. Computer setups have come a long way from a basic office chair that goes up and down and maybe even leans. Comfort and design are now a large part of competitive gaming and companies like DXRacer have stepped up to offer a customized gaming chair experience that tailors to the individual’s height and weight. The company offers many different types of chairs ranging from gaming and office chairs to racing and licensed special editions. DXRacer sent us over one of its Sentinel Series chairs for review and after some assembly, we spent some time seeing if the chair was worth the asking price.

If you are unfamiliar, competitive gaming chairs like this come at a steep price. It is almost like owning an exotic car. The design and engineering behind these chairs certainly beats paying $100 for any chair from Staples. The series we were supplied for review looks to be pulled directly from an exotic car. Tight and comfortable polyurethane leather that feels durable with no fear of anything sagging or breaking is certainly a great relief. The foam used in the chair is a high density shaping mold, which means the chair contures to its specific user much like some beds. The chair included adjustable armrests that can lift and swivel. Unfortunately, these armrests don’t have the option to go any wider or closer. These chairs are designed for the specific customer in mind, but if you have friends of different sizes, it would have been nice to see this included.

The Sentinel Series also includes a small lever on the right hand side to adjust the backrest. The focus on the large backrests is to support a player’s entire spine from neck to pelvis. The chair also came with two cushions: one for the back of the head and neck and the other to be used as lumbar support for the back. While these do tie around with Velcro, they still serve an overall purposes of comfort and ergonomic support. Underneath the chair is a five-point gas spring that is used for quick adjustment of height. Tons of chairs will require a user to stand up to raise it. That isn’t the case with the Sentinel Series. Lastly, the chair includes a large aluminum base with wheels. To add to the look, matching colored plastic inserts are provided to attach to the top of the aluminum base.

The chairs feel weighty yet require minimal effort to move around. Even on carpet, the chair smoothly transitions from point-to-point and any adjustment is made with ease. Trying to lean back and adjust the backrest at the same time was the only issue we really encountered, but that is kind of digging to find any flaws. The chair also feels comfortable enough to sleep on. The high density foam combined with the long backrest and the customization options could make a great napping area if nowhere else is available.

For gaming purposes, the chair handles all types of movement and seating. If you play at the edge of your seat staring directly at the screen or if you have a laid-back approach with minimal movement, the chair makes the most of letting you do these things with no hassle. Also, the chair maintains its position when using wheels for racing games. Ironically, DXRacer also offers racing simulator setups and gaming desks to complete your professional gaming outfit.

The only major gripe with the chair is the assembly process. The chair ships in a large box and almost has to be completely assembled. With an Allen wrench provided, players will have to assemble the backrest to the bottom seat, and then the gas spring to the aluminum base. The screws feature washers that can easily be lost. A personal issue with buying furniture is if you’re paying around $500 for something, it should be pre-assembled. With that big of a box, the chair could have been folded and probably fit just fine. A lot of gamers aren’t hands-on people and either don’t want to assemble something, or they don’t know how. It doesn’t help that the instructions featured mainly pictures and the process was out of order. Yes, there is a link for videos, but then you are having to fumble with your phone while doing this.

As mentioned above, these aren’t your typical Staples office chairs. The unit that was provided to us for review retails for $479 and is considered a big and tall chair. There are literally chairs for any size, but the bigger the chair, the more you will pay. These chairs are tailor made for each individual’s body frame and go above and beyond in supporting that specific individual. The DXRacer chairs generally range from $200-$600 and currently there is a 12 Days of Christmas sale happening up until December 20 on its website. There are great chairs for a reasonable price, but most importantly you do get what you pay for.

Closing Comments:

Aiming for a healthy and ergonomic gaming experience, you’re getting what you pay for with any of these seats. While there is a personal gripe with having to assemble something that costs this much out of the box, once its assembled it’s done and well worth it. The comfort and quality of these chairs allow for players to focus on playing rather than dealing with pain from previous injuries.┬áIf you’re in the market for a true gaming or racing seat, DXRacer has the bar set in this industry.

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