Survios Reveals Electronauts

Survios, a notable VR developer, announced their newest project today. Dubbed “Electronauts,” the project is a VR music game designed to enable players to create music in a VR space. More specifically, the game immerses its players into a surreal environment in which they can compose, remix and perform music using virtual instruments.

To demonstrate the the game’s potential, Survios has partnered with the Grammy-winning duo Stargate to incorporate their music as well as that of other artists, DJs and producers into Electronauts. The additional participating artists’ names will be announced at a later date.

“Electronauts harnesses the power of VR to go inside of a song and feel completely in control of the music,” said Nathan Burba, Survios Co-Founder and CEO.

Those interested in seeing what exactly Electronauts is offering and what they can do in the game can sign up for the game’s closed beta, “The Electronauts Creator beta.” Specifically, Survios is looking for players interested in creating music within the program and having it integrated into the launch version of Electronauts.

Those interested in signing up and/or learning more can do so at the project’s official website. Survios has not yet announced a release date or intended platforms for Electronauts.