Take-Two Unveil New Publishing Label Private Division

Take-Two Interactive — whose subsidiaries include the likes of 2K Games and Rockstar Games — have unveiled their latest publishing label, Private Division. Described as a “developer-focused” publisher, Private Division aims to capitalise on the growing relevance, influence and popularity of video games particularly within the more independant/AA community. An area that, few would disagree with, has given us some quite innovative, interesting but above all else, fun titles to invest in over the past ten years.

Private Division’s first release, it’s been announced, will be the Enhanced Edition of Kerbal Space Program that releases on PS4 & Xbox One this coming January. But in the accompanying promotional video below, Private Division also confirm they’re working with studios such as The Outsiders, Panache Digital Games, V1 Interactive and more notably Obsidian Entertainment whom are already underway with their latest new IP.

One of the common themes running through a lot of the studios present here is the desire to break away from the common AAA ethos. Be it due to getting burned out from said stressful $100 million-budget cycles, having more creative liberties with what they want to create or simply doing something different or unconventional you wouldn’t find in AAA production. And with the continuing rise and growing surge of independant studios and games free from the supposedly-dreaded AAA shackles, Private Division’s place looks and sounds not only plausible, but inevitable. But we’ll have to see whether a wholly-owned subsidiary of Take-Two can of course succeed in such ambitious circumstances