Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Gets First Story Trailer

Square Enix has released the first story trailer for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.

Japan’s annual JUMP FESTA event is kicking off real soon, which means that a host of new trailers from upcoming Square Enix titles should be hitting soon. This includes Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, the upcoming fighting game for PS4. Well, we have a new trailer, and it focuses heavily on the game’s story.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT takes place many years after the events of Dissidia Final Fantasy. Materia, the Goddess of Protection, and Spiritus, the God of Destruction, have summoned warriors from various realms to serve as their champions. Remembering their previous battles, the champions are dismayed to find themselves thrown back into the conflict, especially given a mysterious new threat.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is out January 30 on PS4. The game launches with 28 characters and an additional six more planned as DLC.