Monster Hunter: World Beta Returning Next Week for PS4

Players who weren’t able to get enough out of this last week’s beta for Monster Hunter: World will be thrilled to hear that it’s coming back next week, this time allowing anyone to take a whirl online with friends or randoms without needing PS+. Pre-load for those that didn’t download it last time will start on December 18, while playing the beta will be live starting on December 22 at 9AM PST and run until the 24 at 9AM again. It’s currently unknown if the same main quest monsters will be available from the first beta or if it will be an entirely new batch to try and hunt down before time is up.

The beta will only be available for PS4, with no word on if we can expect one for Xbox One or PC in the future. Be sure to check it out starting December 22 to take on a whole new world of monsters.