PSX 2017: Virtual Reality WipeOut is Worth the Wait

Gamers with a taste for futuristic fast-paced racing have regularly scratched their itch with WipeOut over the years. It would have been exciting to see a brand new WipeOut revealed during PSX, but that’s not in the cards — at least not right now. Fortunately players weren’t left totally empty handed. Sony shared the surprising news of a virtual reality update coming soon to WipeOut Omega Collection. This collection is the one which brought together tons of WipeOut goodness together in one package for PS4.

On one hand, it sounds like a perfect fit. On the other, it probably also seems like an ideal way to make everyone motion sick due to the intense speeds. Amazingly, unless all VR already makes you woozy, then you’ll likely be safe when strapping in to play WipeOut Omega Collection with a headset. It’s important to note that I myself am quite susceptible to bouts of nausea when playing a wide variety of games in virtual reality. Even so, I was fully able to complete multiple races without the tell-tale feeling of motion sickness ever starting to rear its ugly head.

This means one of two things. Either the newest version of the PSVR headset is that much better than the original or that the developers took a serious look at how to implement VR in WipeOut. It must be the latter, if not a bit of the former as well, because VR takes real effort to get right. In any case, the entirety of WipeOut Omega Collection will be playable via the PSVR headset once the update launches (all games and modes). With that said, only the three new ships are set to offer a special VR cockpit view mode. On other ships, or even these three, you can pull back to another camera mode as desired.

Each of these “VR” ships features a cockpit mode with tons of detail work. You can check the dashboard and determine things like your speed. Of course, when in the heat of a race, it’s hard to actually look down for more than half a second. The cockpit view boxes players in so they see less of the racetrack than normal, but it is hardly a hindrance. This choice was done most likely as a means to provide increased comfort for VR players. It also makes you feel as though you’re actually in the cockpit.

Moments like driving off a huge jump cause that same sensation that creeps up during a roller coaster ride. Races themselves are still as fun as ever, just with an added layer of intensity thanks to being put directly into the action. Thanks in part to the speediness of the game, everything looks sharp. At no point will players stop to criticize graphics as they’ll be too focused on the pulse-pounding races. WipeOut Omega Collection’s upcoming VR addition is an absolute must play for PSVR owners. Fortunately, the update will be available free of charge when it arrives in 2018.