Second Major ArcheAge Begins Update Goes Live

Released earlier this year, ArcheAge Begins offers unique and highly addictive 3D MMO mechanics for a mobile game. To better expand upon it, Gamevil has released a brand new update just in time for the holidays.

This update expands the level cap from 70 to 88 on both Account and Character side of things. A brand new raid difficulty has been opened up with Legendary ensuring players are challenged. The story continues with the eighth volume being added. A Rune Fusion system has been implemented to so you can combine lower level runes to obtain better ones. Inoch’s evolution form, Haje of Prophecies has been included in this update. A DPS indicator is now accessible, better showing the amount of damage will be used over time. Finally, there are new costumes, UI changes, and various bug fixes.

This is a significant and meaty update that will hopefully bring an even more improved ArcheAge Begins experience.  ArcheAge Begins is available right now on iOS and Android devices for free.