Screenshot Saturday Featuring Narita Boy, Pathway, Many More

Welcome back to yet another Screenshot Saturday roundup, where eager developers show off snippets from their latest projects via the #screenshotsaturday hashtag on Twitter! Unfortunately, Twitter was a bit broken this week when it came to said hashtag, making browsing near-impossible. But we at Hardcore Gamer refuse to let such issues get in the way of promising games that could become future classics, so thanks to a mix of a few handy Twitter accounts and some regular updates, we were able to whip up a fresh batch of highlights, meaning the show goes on! And we’ve added a bit more this week to help make up for the aforementioned issues, so let’s dig in already!

Pathway- A 16-bit tactical RPG inspired by 1930s pulp fiction that sees you exploring temples, tombs, and other areas in an Indiana Jones-style fashion. And befitting a work that takes cues from pulp novels, we get a perfect example of gorgeous pixel art blending with classic adventure scenarios in this little scene alone. Indeed, we can hardly wait for a full game of such old-school escapism.

Pine- Okay, this may be more of a full clip that highlights the game’s soundtrack and combat, but it’s still definitely worth checking out, as this open-world action/adventure game where players try to find a new home for their tribe in a fantasy world containing several non-human species looks quite intriguing. Though now we’re guessing the theme for the alligator people won’t be as friendly when you go to their village now…

Narita Boy- As it turns out, Studio Koba’s ’80s-themed sci-fi cinematic platformer actually has an arcade mode that turns the game into a beat-’em-up for a while. Because who doesn’t miss the the days of getting in brawls with a group of punks, shattering a phone booth and lopping off someone’s head in the process? It’s a huge change of pace, but one that may pay off by adding a bit more variety to things.

Aegis Defenders- Well, an old-school platformer with a tower defense twist already sounded quite good on its own, but you can never go wrong with massive shurikens as a selling point. Sure, it can make for some impressive combat and fits the character perfectly, but who doesn’t love just how awesome they look in general?

Death Trash- Okay, what we’ve seen of this post-apocalyptic action RPG looks gorgeous, yes, but now we need the game just so we can unlock the quest where we find out what happened to this guy’s socks. Screw the pulsating alien beings, the socks are the true meat of the story, dammit!!

Mugsters- Sure, there is legitimate context as to why an ice cream truck is ramming into everything in sight while avoiding a spaceship that looks like a giant drill, but let’s not spoil the magic. Let’s just say that this stylish action-puzzler looks like it might be just as fun as it is crazy.

El Hijo- Being a stealth game set in the 19th century in a West straight out of a Sergio Leone film, it’s pretty important that this game has levels that feature a ton of gameplay possibilities while also having a style befitting its influences. And judging by the above sketch alone, it looks like the developers may have indeed succeeded on both fronts.

Shots Fired- Given that this sniping/assassination game involves using a ride share app to get between locations, it does make sense to emphasize the use of travel a lot. But regardless of whether you’re in China or Chinatown, one thing’s for certain: There will be no shortage of targets to make for potential contracts.

Xeno Crisis- Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter (and having already reached its goal), this top-down Smash TV-style arcade shooter will actually be hitting the Sega Genesis, making the cartridge one to get for all of you retro enthusiasts. And even just based on this one bit of gameplay alone, it definitely seems like the developers are indeed doing their quarter-munching inspirations justice.

My Friend Pedro- Okay, by this point we can probably just create a permanent slot here for My Friend Pedro, given how Dead Toast manages to somehow show off more of their 2D action game’s insanity with each passing week. You really can’t resist stylish kills that involve booting a severed head into somebody’s face while riding a barrel, after all.

Kynseed- Bonus points for the alteration and wordplay alone. But this sandbox RPG from two Fable veterans earns even more points for some absolutely stunning artwork, allowing them to successfully build intrigue with just one rotating sign, some foliage, and various ruined wood.

Glitched- As expected with an RPG where the fourth wall gets shattered as the hero becomes aware of the player, things will end up getting quite weird, as the dancing two-headed cat can attest to. Needless to say, our lead character is going to be confused when nothing happens while you become mesmerized over this feline’s moves.

Soulblight- A top-down roguelike where tainting your own personality can end up being the key to success. And even though a lot of the game’s aesthetics seem dark, you should still have the opportunity to set up a cozy-looking camp now and then, right?

Atomicrops- Harvest mutated crops in a post-apocalyptic world with vivid cartoon visuals that comes off as Stardew Valley’s more crazed, action-packed cousin. Of course, the harvest is difficult when the vegetables are sentient and have faces, but hey, that freaky carrot has to feed someone, so ignore its screams.

Beacon- Don’t let the Sunny Delight coloring fool you, as this is one ball-busting roguelike action game that should provide quite the challenge. Especially when the rescue beacon you’re hunting for apparently requires a trip through a hostile alien facility. Something tells us this isn’t the finale like our hero believes, but damned if it doesn’t look impressive enough for one.

From Light- Also updating regularly when it comes to Screenshot Saturday, this upcoming puzzle-platformer evokes the classic American road trip and tourist traps quite nicely, but still takes the time to throw in futuristic touches in little details like the elevator design as well. The Three Trunks Resort is looking more attractive with each passing week…

The Devil’s Eight- A rhythm-based action game with a boss rush, pitting you up against the Overseers of the various circles of Hell. And as you can see with Gluttony here, they aren’t going to skimp when it comes to intimidation. Or teeth, for that matter.

Astroneer- Yep, the popular Early Access game about outer space exploration is ready to enter Alpha next week, so let’s celebrate this milestone with a little montage. Here’s hoping future versions of the game keep adding worlds that are as gorgeous as the ones here.

Witchmarsh- A supernatural 2D action RPG set in 1920s Massachusets where you play as a detective tasked with retrieving some missing townsfolk. But even if the investigator you create has you pumping a lot into their proficiency with firearms, best to still make sure you get used to the combat mechanics first by testing things out on some defenseless wood.

Totem Teller- A mysterious one indeed, simply describing itself as a game about storytelling and discovery where the world is broken. Of course, the developers still have to ironically put the broken world together first, but broken or not, these are indeed some striking aesthetics and landscapes.

Untitled Terakorp Game- Not a lot is known about this one as well, but stylish combat with fierce enemies, tons of spikes, awesome animation, and Danganronpa-style neon pink blood? We fail to see how things can possibly go wrong with that combo for now.