Turns Out Curse of Osiris has a Good Hook

If having kept up with the last few Destiny 2 articles to come out featuring some heavy concerns over Curse of Osiris, then let me eat my words. Curse of Osiris adds just enough content to flesh out more of what Destiny 2 is, but it still needs the filling in of certain areas. Now to eat those words. There is one hook in the Curse of Osiris that has grabbed hold in a way not felt from Destiny in a long time. In Curse of Osiris there is a weapon forge quest line. Guardians accomplishments are represented by a handy wall with a circle of smaller circles that will light up with the appropriate symbol as each weapon is forged. It makes for a fun visual and a handy way to keep up with the excruciating grind.

This weapon forge was made for people like me; it’s the most fetch-questy BS that ranks with the best of them, but I say bring it on. The quest line begins with Brother Vance giving out one of the eleven Verses which allude to the weapon that will be forged. From here each Verse will take an assortment of, you guessed it, collectible world-items. These consist of Radiolarian Cultures which can be turned into Concentrated Radiolarian for every ten. This also applies for Paradox Amplifiers and Advanced Paradox Amplifiers. The next catch is Radiolarian can only be farmed from Public Events and chest in the PB area. Amplifiers having more wiggle room farming from Strikes, Crucible and Heroic Mercury Missions.

This thing will light up.

Now that the questy-bits are out of the way, let’s get to why this is fun. Destiny 2 promised a few things for itself and with the weapon forge they delivered. Bungie has stood its ground that more PvE content would be just as much a focus as PvP, and while there was a healthy amount, it didn’t warrant sticking around. The weapon forge not only has given motivation to get out in the world and experience Destiny 2 (how ever limited it might feel at times), but the goals are attainable for anyone, even if takes longer for some over others. That might enhance the experience honestly. While cycling through Public Event after Public Event might sound tedious, the stories that come out of participating make them worth it, the same being said for collecting Amplifiers.

Destiny 2 is at its peak when it’s being experienced with others; it’s a social game, after all. Destiny 2 more than Destiny wants Guardians to play together, and if the weapon forge is anything to go by, they are taking the right steps towards making these social experiences happen more frequently. This interaction is of course a two-way street, with so many Guardians dedicated to the weapon forge it means Guardians turn out in droves. The Public Events specifically have a life to them, because at the moment no less than two Guardians plus yourself will be present, more usually joining along the way.

So mysterious.

This promotes a camaraderie among players that Destiny as a name has especially taken to heart. Guardians tend to lean towards being friendly towards one another, which is partly helped by emotes, many of them dancing. I’ve had more dance parties than can be counted in the last few days and it’s all thanks to this weapon forge. What’s even more surprising is that other Guardians can be seen having fun; it’s understood that whoever occupies these other avatars is there with everyone.

Strikes have also seen a change. In Strikes it’s noticeable that teammates are more willing to look out for on another and work together. The goal is of course farming Amplifiers which means getting through Strikes as quickly as possible. Teamwork works. Don’t worry, the dancing is also healthy and thriving in Strikes. As someone, who doesn’t participate much in Crucible, it it’s welcome to be able to farm something with choice of play. Destiny 2 truly does want everyone to succeed at the weapon forge, it’s a feature that shows how to make an activity in game for everyone.

Warning: Slight Spoilers

Wait, spoilers? This far in? Yes, because that’s exactly what happens for this weapon forge quest line. A little over a third of the way in a new quest will appear; yes, a real quest, not just some repeat mission. This is the small, but cool, story-arc of Saint-14. It also leads to one of the coolest weapons in the game, Perfect Paradox, a dope shotgun that eats face. This thing is seriously that fun, plus just look at the thing, Bungie sure knows how to design a weapon. Not only is this quest an honest surprise, but it’s fun, too, giving some of that sweet lore certain Destiny fans (me) so desperately crave. While it was a great surprise that brought joy, part of me wished Bungie was a bit more transparent with what might be in future content. Even just teasing this might have been a move to bring around an audience, but instead Curse of Osiris comes off lacking. Having such great content so deep in means fall-off and thus that content gets missed.

Look at it! Bungie sure knows how to make a shotgun.

The weapon forge was a surprise, one that came off as a rehash of an idea from Rise of Iron, but turned out to be vastly different. The biggest surprise is that it works so well that Bungie might not even realize it yet. Here’s to hoping that more things like the weapon forge exist in the future of Destiny 2. As it stands for the moment I have seven weapons from the forge, plus Perfect Paradox making up my collection. Let the grind continue, at least I’m having fun.