The Destiny 2 Community has an Eververse Problem

Since we are already fully submerged in Destiny 2 at this point in the year, there’s really no need for an introduction to the pool. What is the grief over Destiny 2 today then? Well, like many of the rumblings that have only gotten louder in the last few weeks, Destiny 2 has one more problem on it’s hands. Players are now taking up arms for a call to get rid of Tess Eververse, Destiny 2’s cosmetic-loot vendor. Tess not only decrypts Illuminated Engrams for Guardians to receive special cosmetics for all manner of items, but sells the very Engrams those Guardians can earn just playing the game. Just one more loot box system players don’t want in a game.

Taking to Bungie’s forums or Reddit will show immediately how players aren’t happy with the system in place. The top two trending posts on the Destiny 2 forums are both calling to get rid of the Eververse and anything resembling it. The top post titled #RemoveEververse, it’s crude, but hammers home the message clearly. The comments are the standard back and forth of why it’s the worst thing on the planet or why it doesn’t really matter at all. Much like any heated fandom, there are flames coming from both sides, and Bungie’s lack of communication isn’t helping.

For those offering a solution to the problem, instead of just complaining/raging about it, they are suggesting things such as, spreading those cosmetics across Destiny 2 as rewards for all other activities. It’s not a bad idea, one that would just need the proper implementation. It could be a great fix for a system no one can seem to decide on. Having the loudest voice doesn’t mean that your voice should be heard, but putting forth helpful suggestions that give actual feedback is always a great direction.

For now, Tess Eververse is sticking around in Destiny 2, maybe she will take some time off though, only to make her return much like she did in Destiny. Tess has always been some what of an oddball when it comes to the cast of Destiny NPC’s, Bungie never really knowing what to do with her. It’s the reason she is the cosmetic loot vendor, when Destiny launched she didn’t do much of anything, tide loosely to redeeming out of game codes (think any soda video game campaign). Tess would happily stand at her station silently staring off towards the Traveler. Much like the Destiny community, maybe even Tess doesn’t know if her services are being used most appropriately. Until Tess can either find a function Guardians are happy with or pack up and leave the Tower, grumblings of the Eververse are here to stay.