Screenshot Saturday Featuring Mount Your Friends 3D, Devader, Many More

The last Screenshot Saturday of 2017 is fairly similar to the first in that there’s a million images of everything, all at once.  Some games came out, others disappeared never to be heard from again, and many are still in development.  A year is a long time but games are by no means quick, as many an optimistic Kickstarter project has learned.  Even simple projects need time to become what they need to be, but showing off the week’s work with the Screenshot Saturday hashtag can be a big help in marking progress and letting the world know that things are still moving.  2018 will see plenty more games announced, completed, or worked on as much as possible, and by that standard it’s going to be a year to look forward to.

Mount Your Friends 3D: A Hard Man is Good to Climb- The sequel to Mount Your Friends, except in 3D. Testing a game is far easier when every single asset doesn’t try to occupy the exact same space at once.

Devader- Twin-stick shooter where a giant city of hexagons is under attack from a huge horde of aliens, or possibly a horde of huge aliens. Some of the creatures are vicious bullet-spewing nightmares the darkest depths of space ejected in disgust and revulsion, while others are no less dangerous despite being as visually imposing as an extra-large cookie cutter.  Demo can be requested over here.

Last Man Sitting- You’ve got an office chair and a heavy-caliber gun with serious recoil, and so does everyone else. Scooting around with your feet is right out so the gun is both weapon and locomotion. It’s not going to end well, but would it be any fun if it did?

Unnamed- Well that looks like a flat but serviceable mobile-targeted tile-matching puzZOOM!

Unnamed- No idea, but it looks like something that absolutely needs to exist.  Insane genre mashups are the best genre mashups.

Rattletrap VR- Knock the leechbots off a hovership that’s seen better days. The leechbots eat away at the hull and ship systems, and the poor barge was already on its last legs.  It’s a freebie so check it out at the link in the tweet.

Wayward Souls- Roguelike action dungeon-crawl originally for mobile way back in 2014 but making its way to PC. Apparently slimes can be backstabbed. I’m going to take it on faith rather than trying to picture the anatomy.

Seeking Dawn- VR survival FPS/RPG in a large open world stuffed full of loot, NPCs, beasts and enemies, and plenty of distractions on the way through the main quest line. The area here may be all desert but there are other prettier biomes to explore as well.

Netherworld-  A shadowy tentacled monster-beast was living the dream life in its happy bizarro-dimension when one day it all fell apart, so he sets out on a bender for all the usual terrible reasons.  This leads to meeting new people things, making friends and enemies, fighting giant boss encounters, and apparently playing with flamethrowers.

Finding Sutherland-  An arrow flies through space at the whims of gravity, its only ability to reverse the pull.  The single button the game uses as a control changes the pull to an equivalent push, which wouldn’t be all that exciting if only one object was drawing it in a direct line towards a collision.  With multiple objects in space having different gravitational pulls the arrow can fly in a fairly complicated path, and reversing the course allows it to fly just about anywhere in space.  The opject is to use the trailing particles to find hidden gravity wells, touch them all, free an orb, and chase it down to get to the next area.  There’s a web demo here with a few levels to play that are just enough to get a sense of how tricky navigation can be.

Rifter-  Run and swing through low-poly neon levels, dashing through enemies while aiming for the fastest completion time.  The dash is fast and powerful but it’s not the same as invulnerability, so the new enemies need careful planning to avoid planting your face in an inconvenient lightning bolt.

Beetle Uprising-  The nice thing about a bug army is that its fairly expendable.  They’re bugs, after all, and so long as home base isn’t overrun you can always breed more.  Mutations happen as new generations are born, some of them useful for battle and others merely attractive.  You can have a bland beetle army swarming the vacant lot defeating all the other insects trying to claim it for their own, or you can work towards a deadly chitinous horde that looks great while dominating its territory.

Eastshade-  Normally it’s a warrior hero wandering the lands in search of adventure, but other professions can see the world as well.  In Eastshade you’re a painter, which is great for meeting people but would be notably less helpful if there were monsters terrorizing the land.  Fortunately it’s a relatively peaceful world, so the painter can explore, chat, and uncover the stories and mysteries of Eastshade Island without worry of being eaten by a Grue.

Bonus Images

Mugsters- 2017 isn’t over quite yet, but even if 2018 has giant murderous alien death-spheres lying in wait it somehow still feels like an improvement.

Ruya- Good advice for a better 2018.