Rainway Looking to Harness the Power of PC from Anywhere

Bringing the power of PC gaming anywhere sounds like a dream and that dream is quickly becoming reality with Rainway. Rainway is changing the system by bringing PC gaming to mobile devices and consoles everywhere (although the Switch is featured prominently in the trailer, it’s not listed on Rainway’s website).

Rainway will be launching its beta on January 20 for web platform allowing instant access to video games right inside a web browser. Rainway will be completely free to use with no hidden fees, it doesn’t even need to rely on you typing in an IP or forward ports, handling these things itself. This allows for remote play on secured channels, without any of the worry. Finally, Rainway will work on all modern hardware with Intel, AMD and Nvidia all supported out of the box.

Stay tuned for more information. Rainway is only launching the beta for web browser to fine tune some things, mobile platforms will follow shortly after this. As for console, no news yet. For more information on Rainway visit their website.