Where The Water Tastes Like Wine Shows Off Cast, Now Including Sting

We’ve talked about Where The Water Tastes Like Wine before, and how it has a heavy emphasis on storytelling, folk tales, and legends in the making. But it definitely helps to have a talented voice cast telling tall tales like these, and so Good Shepherd has released a new trailer for the game revealing some of the game’s cast, which you can check out below. On board are notable veterans such as Dave Fennoy, Cissy Jones, and Melissa Hutchinson, but in a surprising twist, the mysterious wolf figure at the core of your journeys will be voiced by none other than Grammy-winning musician and performer Sting.

Yes, the legendary member of The Police and occasional actor in films such as David Lynch’s Dune will be headlining things, saying “I’m happy to be a part of this visionary collaboration.” Where The Water Tastes Like Wine is due out early this year, and if as much effort went into the gameplay as it was to the voice cast (which definitely appears to be the case so far), it should indeed end up being one of the year’s most unique games and biggest successes.