Alliance Alive Combat Trailer Introduces Battle Arts, Awakenings

Atlus just released a new trailer today detailing how combat works in The Alliance Alive. The combat system still rests upon the turn-based foundation that’s come to define the JRPG genre, but adds in a few wrinkles in the form of “battle arts,” “awakenings” and “final strikes.”

As seen in the trailer, “battle arts” are similar to a character’s set of special moves. Using these moves often will eventually trigger an “awakening:” a random occurrence that can either level up the battle art being used or unlock another art related to it. Continuous use of battle arts, along with taking damage and having a party member knocked-out, will also fill up the “ignition meter.” Completely filling this meter will grant access to an extra powerful move called a “final strike.” Players will need to be careful about using these finishing moves though, as it appears that their use can destroy weapons once the attack is finished.

The Alliance Alive will launch physically and digitally on March 27 for the Nintendo 3DS. There is a deluxe physical edition currently available for pre-order a price of $39.99. The deluxe edition includes the game, a special edition game box, an art book, a soundtrack CD and a “Robbins” keychain.