Strikers Edge Delivers Deadly Dodgeball on January 30

Back when we first previewed Strikers Edge, a dodgeball-style game featuring warriors from different time periods (basically, imagine the concept of For Honor mixed with the gameplay of an unorthodox arcade sports title such as Windjammers), we noted that Playdius would be releasing the game in May of 2017. As you may have guessed, it didn’t exactly make it out by that date, but as announced with a new trailer seen below, the “dodgebrawl” game (as it is officially described) will now be released by the end of this month. And to celebrate the upcoming launch, an online tournament will be held to determine the game’s discount upon release.

Yes, players from the game’s final Open Beta will be able to duke it out with the developers from Fun Punch Games in online battles broadcast over Twitch, where viewers will be able use the integrated Twitch modifiers to alter various aspects of the matches. The higher the Open Beta team’s win ratio is, the higher the launch discount. The date for the matches has not been announced yet, but should be announced on the game’s site leading up to release. Strikers Edge does indeed looks incredibly fun, so let’s hope that discount is high as it can be so everyone can check out the game when it comes out for PC and PS4 on January 30.