Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Open Beta Available

From now until January 21, those of us who are too impatient to wait until January 30 can once again get a taste of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT in an open beta. This beta will feature both offline and online battles where iconic Final Fantasy characters will battle in familiar stages and even call on for help from summoned monsters, Espers, Eidolons or whatever your preferred terminology happens to be.

This beta will be divided into three different sessions, each one will have a different roster of heroes and villains. The first session began at 6:00 AM PST January 12 and ends Monday January 15 at 1:00 PM PST. The next two sessions are January 15 2:00 PM PST until Thursday January 18 1:00 PM PST and January 18 2:00 PM PST until Sunday January 21 1:00 PM PST. Some initial impressions of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT can be found in this preview.