Pokémon GO Announces Community Day

Pokémon has always been bringing people together. Whether it’s through card battles, trading between games or watching the anime. Now, Pokémon GO is expanding how you’ll get to have fun with fellow Pokémaniacs.

Community Day has been announced by Niantic and is an event that occurs once a month. During these specific days, you’ll encounter a special Pokémon more often. When caught it will have already learned a unique attack. First up is Pikachu that knows Surf. On January 20, players will be able to find more Pikachu wherever they go. Additional bonuses such as increased experience and Stardust are also included. The Community Day only lasts a few hours during the day, so click the link to find out when it will occur in your area.

Along with this announcement comes the reveal of Kyogre now appearing in raids. Try and take down this Legendary Pokémon together. Hurry up, Kyogre is only set to last until February 14.