Here are the New Rules for the Academy League

With Franchising in place, teams now have an academy team to bring up the younger talents in NA. Since you can’t earn a spot in the NA LCS anymore, here’s what the Academy League will be doing.

Since you can’t earn a spot in the NA LCS the Academy League is truly for teams to train the future LCS players in their ecosystem. The teams will compete on Thursdays and Fridays, but will only be broadcast on Thursdays. Broadcasts will start after the EU LCS on Fridays around 3:00 p.m. PT and will also be on the Riot Games channel.

Thursday games won’t be broadcast but a VOD of the games will be uploaded so you can still see the academy teams in action. The academy¬†schedule is also now available, but if you know the NA LCS schedule it’ll mirror that for the academy teams. If you don’t you can just view it here.

There’s a lot more about players and the swapping between the academy and main rosters. You can get the full lowdown here.