Season 8 Starts Soon and Here’s What You Need to Know

Season 8 of League of Legends is set to start January 16. Here are some of the details you may now know.

Every season your rank is stripped and you get a soft reset. You’ll play through your 10 matches per usual and based off of performance and existing MMR you will be placed accordingly. That is all the same. What differs from last season is that if you’re fortunate enough to be in the top percentage of players in your region, Challenger rank, you can now duo with other Challenger players. This reverts a change Riot made last season to the Challenger ladder.

Another change is Honor Level. This will be its first full season in action and it will also impact your EOS rewards. If you’re not above level 2 by the end of the season you won’t be receiving rewards. Also, to start off the season your Honor level will be reset depending on its current position now. There’s a lot going on with Honor, but for the most part it’s pretty easy to get some nice rewards. You can read the full list of changes and where you’ll start here.

Lastly, with the start of the new season, you’ll also be able to earn Hextech chests for getting a grade of S- or higher on a champ you’re playing. There’s a little more happening and if you’ve missed a few patches you can get that information all here.