MUSYNX To Bring Another Dose of Rhythmic Action To Nintendo Switch

The role of first rhythm game to hit the Switch in 2018 will now be played by MUSYNX: a game all about tapping buttons in time with some music. It might sound just like another version of Guitar Hero, but MUSYNX is sporting some features that just might turn the heads of any rhythm game fans who should happen upon it. Of these, it’s strongest appeal has to be its music library. The game will be launching with fifty songs from all manner of musical genres. Everything from R&B to Vocaloid is represented in this one! Along with its diverse musical lineup, MUSYNX will also offer players three levels of difficulty and unique artwork to go along with every song.

MUSYNX isn’t exactly a Switch exclusive. Mobile gamers have been enjoying its rhythmic tests for some time now, and it’s that very enjoyment that’s prompted PM Studios to port it to the Switch this spring.

MUSYNX will launch for the Nintendo Switch both digitally and physically sometime this spring. No information on price or a specific release date has been announced yet.