Lead Team Rocket to Domination by Pre-ordering the Giovanni & Mewtwo Nendoroid

The world of Pokémon can’t always be fun and humble, there needs to be a dastardly character! Luckily, for over 20 years Giovanni has filled that role perfectly. While other villains have come and gone, he is the original Pokémon bad guy. Now, Good Smile Company has opened pre-orders for the Giovanni & Mewtwo Nendroid!

This figure set comes with a chibi version of Giovanni who still look very smug. Three different face plates allow you to change up the expression for a sly smirk, shadowy side and a realistic appearance. Patches depicting the regular Team Rocket logo along with the new Rainbow Rocket can be displayed. His prized Pokémon, Mewtwo, also comes with the order. It comes with a purple orb of energy for a Psystrike attack (or call it Shadow Ball if you want to give Mewtwo a Ghost-type move). Pre-ordering from Good Smile Company gets you a Team Rainbow Rocket standing base while picking it from the Pokémon Center earns you a Beast Ball. These are based on his latest appearance in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

Place your orders starting now until February 28. However, the item will not be made available until August. Check out some images below for a better look at this fan-favorite foe!