Prism Queen Receives New Trailer to Celebrate One Year in Development

Dahku Creations is putting a lot of time and effort into creating Prism Queen. All that work is coming along nicely and with tons of progress to show. The latest trailer comes to us with a years’ worth of content with plenty of new things to check out.

It opens with a bit of backstory as Prism is meant to be an arena fighter but is now tasked with saving the world. Different levels to platform through are shown along with various puzzles in need of solving. Prism even gets involved with a boss fight exactly resembling those classic 2D side-scrolling shooters. Subtle touches to animation can be seen such as wobbling on an edge or taking damage from enemies. New characters are also revealed which gives more depth to the Prism Queen universe.

Enjoy a look at a game that’s only been a year in the making but already showing great design and features. There’s plenty to get excited about in the trailer below.