Fig Campaign Initiated for Apocalyptic Hawaiian Shooter Nightmarchers

Whenever you hear of a piece of fiction taking place in a post-apocalyptic world, usually it’s two types of landscapes that come to mind: Desert wastelands or ruined cities. So why not shake things up a bit? That’s what developers Wyrmbyte are aiming to do with Nightmarchers, an action RPG shooter taking place on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, bringing the apocalypse to a lush Polynesian paradise. And to help try and make this beautiful yet deadly game world a reality, the game is now seeking funding via Fig, hoping to attract potential investors as well.

Set after a cataclysmic event known as the great thunder, Nightmarchers sees you playing as Kai, a native who gains the ability to see the dead and speak with the old gods of Hawaii, learning mysterious skills from them needed to rebuild Oahu and defeat Kamapua’a, another god that has risen and taken over the island. Aside from abilities that will basically allow him to become a demigod, Kai will have access to several unique firearms and weapons, which will come in handy when traversing the game’s open world and dealing with the four active factions. You can check out more of Nightmarchers in the trailer below, then hop on over to its Fig page to learn more and donate. The game currently has a $100,000 goal set, and if it’s reached, the beta should be out by the third quarter of this year. It looks like an incredible and intriguing exploration of Hawaiian culture, so here’s hoping it succeeds.