No Resident Evil 2 Remake News Anytime Soon

The 20th anniversary of the release of Resident Evil 2 has come and gone. Many were hoping for news about the remake of the game that was announced nearly three years ago. According to Capcom R&D Dev1 Twitter, who had posted the pics of the dummy finger from Resident Evil 7, has issued a statement about the remake of 2. Obviously fans know the game is happening, however no one knows what the gameplay format is going to be or what the game will entail. The tweet states, “Good morning! Didn’t mean to make everyone disappointed at all…, but the dummy finger pics were just saying hello from where we were with the favorite shots of that morning…btw, thank you all very much for all the comments!”

Maybe it’s a smokescreen? It seems like nothing will be coming which is beginning to make eager fans believe the game is in development hell. There was a leak over the weekend that gave some details, but its believed to be a hoax. It stated the game would be over-the-shoulder and feature auto saves with the emphasis still on horror. The target was a late 2018 release. If this truly is the case, it will certainly rub fans the wrong way including myself. The game truly needs to emulate the remake of the original and feature fixed camera angles, or at least the option to do so. This should be taken with a huge grain of salt especially since the Capcom DevelopmentĀ  Team issued that statement on Twitter. The leak can be viewed here. It looks like the only news we got was that there’s no news coming.