Lost Sphear Now Available

Lost Sphear, the new title inspired by classic JRPGs, is available today on Steam, Switch and PlayStation 4. Lost Sphear centers around a boy named Kanata who finds the world around him disappearing, so he does the expected thing for anyone in this situation to do which is grab some friends and venture off into the world to save it from vanishing completely. Like Tokyo RPG Factory’s previous game I Am Setsuna, Lost Sphear attempts to blend classic JRPG elements with modern technology to create something that is both modern yet familiar, with Lost Sphear trying to expand on many of the elements introduced in their previous title. Composer Tomoki Myoshi who scored the beautiful minimalist piano soundtrack for I Am Setsuna also composed the soundtrack for Lost Sphear. Initial impressions of some hands on time with the demo can be read in our preview.