Zombie-Survival MMO Dead Maze Lurches onto Steam February 13

Survival game enthusiasts looking for something with a bit more cooperation at its core might just be able to end their search with Atelier 801’s newest game, Dead Maze. The game is a 2D isometric MMO that places strong emphasis on player cooperation and crafting. Dead Maze is so serious about cooperative play that it doesn’t even allow pvp encounters. That’s right, unlike Rust or DayZ, new players don’t have to fear being immediately killed for their meager store of supplies upon spawning into the game. In Dead Maze, players must either survive together or fall to the ever-present zombie horde. Yes this is a zombie-survival game, but hopefully it’s a zombie-survival game that does enough things differently to be worth the time. Complete focus on co-op is certainly different if nothing else.

At launch, Dead Maze will offer players a fair few features to play around with, including:

  • Survival Mechanics: Players will have to manage hunger, thirst, injuries and diseases.
  • Camp Building: establishing a home base is crucial to survival. Players will be able to build and furnish their own camp. They’ll also be able to raise crops and tend livestock for extra food supplies.
  • Tenacious AI: The infected in Dead Maze will work together and do their best to exploit the weaknesses of a group and their base. Players will have to contend with several different zombie types all working in tandem in their efforts to overwhelm them.
  • Fluid Character Builds: Characters can be quickly customized to suit a desired role.
  • Story Campaign: Dead Maze will feature a story to get players acquainted with the game and its world. The campaign features its own cast of supporting characters and stretches across 22 major quests. More story chapters have been promised as part of the game’s post-launch support.

For a closer look at Dead Maze and the features it offers, check out its newest trailer below.

Dead Maze is a free-to-play game that launches for PC via Steam on February 13.