Splatoon 2 Announces amiibo and Stage After Latest Tournament

Just hours ago, a huge Splatoon 2 tournament wrapped up in Japan. Because of the big event there was bound to be some new announcements. And it did not disappoint as we received word on a couple of new things!

A new pair of Dualies are coming. Called the Dark Tetra Dualies, these bad boys let you perform up to four dodge rolls in a row. They can also cover up a lot of turf which makes it a must-have for Inklings on the move. There’s a new stage coming as well– Goby Arena. This place is modeled after a basketball court but of course has various obstacles in the way. It looks to have a fairly large middle opening with plenty of platforms surrounding. Expect some serious competition at Goby Arena when this location is added to the mix. Finally, after an epic concert performance featuring Off the Hook with special guests, the Squid Sisters, a set of amiibo are slated for release. It’s been a long time coming but Pearl and Marina will be made available as a two pack. So far, there is no word on a release date or their features but they’re looking super fresh.

Stay tuned for more Splatoon 2 information in the coming weeks. Until then check out some images and the video below!