Need For Speed Payback Getting Open Roam Update Tomorrow

Ghost confirmed earlier this year that a free roam mode would be coming to Need for Speed Payback – but details were limited. Today, EA announced that the newly-dubbed Alldrive mode will make its debut when the game’s next update goes live on February 13. Alldrive features the hangout and allows you to show off cars and socialize with friends. You can take snapshots of everything or just cruise around. Tune-up shops will now get catch-up packs, allowing you to jump your car tiers faster. Underglow and tire smoke will be expanded upon, and you will be able to scrap all of your unequipped parts.  The menus will also get some small quality of life improvements to make navigation easier and pick either offline or online play to enjoy. We enjoyed the game quite a bit when it was first released towards the end of last year, and improvements like this help ensure it will have a long life ahead of it.