Gwent Gets Arena Mode

The new mode teased yesterday for GWENT: The Witcher Card Game has been revealed. For those who missed the announcement stream: it’s a Gaunter O’Dimm-themed Arena Mode. Now, Hearthstone players are going to know what that means. The Gwent Arena will cost 150 in-game Ore (or $1.99) to enter. Players are able to build decks without the classic faction restrictions, they’ll be picking from groupings of four cards until they’ve got a deck. They don’t need to have these cards in their possession. Every choice of four cards will be cards of the same rarity. Players use that deck to win as many games they can. If they lose three times, their run is over. The maximum amount of wins players can have is nine, with the reward at the end of the run increasing with each win. For nine straight wins, players will receive a random Premium Legendary (the ones that animate) on top of their accumulated currency rewards. Even those who retire early with three losses will at least get one card keg (basically a booster pack).

The Arena Mode is not live yet in the Public Beta, but it looks very much done at this point. With some luck, Gwent players can expect it in the near future. Gwent’s Public Beta is on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.