Fig Campaign Begins For Twisted Golf Title What The Golf?

Are you interested in golf games, but absolutely hate the actual sport of golf? Then do Danish developers Triband have a proposition for you with their new game, What The Golf? Because in between working on another quirky sports game in the form of Keyboard Sports, the team is also on a mission to fix golf, having apparently designed a new version of the game practically every day for the past year. And now they started a Fig campaign to help make this crazy dream come true for everyone else as well, ensuring no one is ever bored by golf again.

As seen in the announcement trailer below, the entire game is centered around finding different ways to play golf, be it increasing the number of balls to strike at once, making the player into the ball, inserting entirely different sports, or even throwing in some boss battles. It’s a humorous twist on the classic game and looks like it could easily be a success. What The Golf? has set the fundraising bar at $50,000, and thanks to an early backing period, has already raised just over twenty percent of their goal as of the time of writing. So if all goes well, expect to see the game later this year for the PC, and click the link above for the Fig page if you wish to learn more or donate.