Where the Water Tastes Like Wine Begins Telling Tall Tales on February 28

The recent character trailers for Where the Water Tastes Like Wine stated that it was coming out early this year, but an announcement today from publisher Good Shepherd has revealed that the narrative-focused game is now coming out earlier than expected. As seen in the trailer below, the title is due out at the end of this month. In addition to the regular version, a Special “Wayfarer” Edition containing a digital copy of Ryan Ike’s soundtrack and a digital art book will be released on the same day as well, for those who want a little extra.

The clip itself doesn’t show any gameplay this time around, but showcases some of the game’s amazing music, and sees how the player gets roped into all of these tales in the first place, thanks to an ill-advised bet in a poker game with a mysterious supernatural figure. So now you have to travel across Depression-era America, seeing the sights, telling tales about what you encountered, hearing tales in return, and watching the seeds from the stories you’ve spread grow along the way. Where the Water Tastes Like Wine will be hitting PC on February 28, and will definitely be one to look out for.