Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Has Passed A Million Copies Sold

Despite it getting generally panned by critics prior to its release in April of last year — ourselves included — it would seem that CI Games’ latest entry in the Sniper Ghost Warrior series, the first to feature an open-world format, has managed to net the company a profit. It’s been confirmed by the Polish developer/publisher that Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, which released for PS4, Xbox One & PC, has managed to sell through more than one million copies across all platforms, both physically and digitally.

As a result, as stated in the company’s end of fiscal year report for 2017, CI Games saw a total revenue of around €24 million, with CI Games’ CEO, Marek Tyminski, commenting that said profit means that the company are “well positioned for further growth.” Despite its already-announced plans to downsize its internal studio, CI Games confirm they are already underway on their next project which for the moment has been hinted as a tactical shooter of sorts. As for the future of the Sniper Ghost Warrior series, CI Games have already stated in the past that any future iteration will likely return to the previous linear-focused structure and may ditch the open-world concept entirely — be it as a reaction to 3’s reception or otherwise.

On top of this, the company have also confirmed they are currently underway with talks between several studios in regards to the development of a sequel to one of their more well-known titles, Lords of the Fallen. “We hope to finalize the discussions and move forward with a new partner in the next few months.” Tyminski explains. “Lords of the Fallen is a very important franchise in our portfolio, and we look forward to really meet the expectations of our fans.”