Check Out the Latest Batch of Video Game Figures from WonFes 2018

Good Smile Company has been on a roll the last couple of days with reveals of all kinds of video game figures. Of course there have been so many characters announced to get their own figures and collectibles. Many Nintendo and Persona 5 characters have already been shown. There just happens to be plenty of which don’t fall into a particular category. Here are some of the remaining reveals to come from WonFes 2018.

Touhou Project

This bullet hell series has been popular for decades with many die-hard fans around the world. Those who particular enjoy collectibles will be excited to know about the Reisen Udongein Inaba Nendoroid. She is a moon rabbit with the ability to drive anyone to complete insanity. You’ll go crazy just looking at this adorable Nendoroid version of her. It is still in prototype phase but has been painted to give you some idea of how she may appear.


Another Nendoroid is set for release but this time from the Steins;Gate series. It has a long history and many games to its name. We enjoyed reviewing a couple of titles and hope fans will be very excited to see the mad scientist, Rintaro Okabe. He has only been shown using promotional artwork but still very cute.

Monster Hunter: World

There happened to be quite a lot of different Monster Hunter collectibles shown off at WonFes. Some spectacular statues and fun figures were all over the web for the recently released Monster Hunter: World. This particular item is a cute Nendoroid based on your playable character. The female Hunter comes wearing Rathalos armor. All we get right now is some artwork but she’s sure to be as big a hit as the game itself!

Mega Man X

The Blue Bomber and family are no strangers to the world of toys, action figures and collectibles. Good Smile recently released information on obtaining Roll just weeks ago and Zero a month prior to that. Now, a new Mega Man Nendoroid is blasting his way to your display cases and office cubicles. Mega Man X is only shown in artwork like some of the others above but we still recognize such a classic character.


A haunting adventure through dozens of creepy encounters will lead you to this brand new reveal for the Bloodborne series. Over the summer a Hunter was revealed in gorgeous detail. Now, Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower, from The Old Hunters DLC, receives the same treatment. This is a figma figure but has been shown to sit as depicted in artwork, so we are unsure of her full potential. Such a mystery!