Check out Sacred Artefacts and Decide If It’s Worth a Vote

Sacred Artefacts is this week’s featured pitch on Square Enix Collective, which is a curated platform that puts a spotlight on new indie talents and interesting game ideas. The game is a turn-based fantasy RPG heavily inspired by the PS1 and PS2-era Final Fantasy games.

The story follows Luke, a young treasure hunter looking to explore a ruin he saw in a book as a child. Upon arriving and delving into the ruin, he meets his party members and stumbles into a series of events that threaten to destroy world. In true Final Fantasy fashion, it’s up to Luke and Co. to prevent that from happening.

The combat system appears to be a standard turn-based system with a few unusual tweaks thrown in to keep things interesting. Most fights will feature multiple waves of enemies, and character abilities will have individual cool-downs instead of the global timer most Final Fantasy players are familiar with. The game’s difficulty will be directly tied to this system, with each difficulty level determining just how many waves of enemies players will have to fight in each battle.

Sacred Artefacts is currently being developed by the two-person studio Crystal Forge and is on Square Enix Collective in order to gather feedback and attract financial support. Check out the game’s full description and give it a vote if looks appealing.