Everything You Need to Know About Bayonetta 2

Released a little over three years ago, Bayonetta 2 was one of the best Wii U exclusives. Despite the system lacking sales, it was a reason for core gamers to pick a console up and play a game designed specifically for them. Now that Nintendo has found their stride again, the corporation has decided to bring one of PlatinumGames’ best titles to the handheld/console hybrid in style. Here is everything you need to know about Bayonetta 2.

Platforms: Nintendo Switch
Release Date: February 17, 2018
Resolution: 720p (Docked & Handheld)
Framerate: ~60 (Docked), 45-60 (Handheld)

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You don’t necessarily need to have played the first Bayonetta to get a grasp of the sequel’s plot. There are concepts and ideas that the two share, but generally speaking, you can go into Bayonetta 2 fresh knowing the basics. Firstly, there are three worlds: Human World, Paradiso (Heaven) and Inferno (Hell). Each world is disturbing in their own right with battles that seem to be endless. Our protagonist, Bayonetta, is an Umbral Witch who uses the dark arts to do her bidding. After her friend Jeanne is sucked into Inferno, she is off to save her, all while discovering a larger plot with the newly-introduced Loki. She travels to the Holy Mountain of Fimbulventr to drop into Inferno and save her friend, all while fighting off Angels and Demons.

Unlockable Characters

Character How to Unlock
Bayonetta Default Character
Jeanne Beat Story Mode
Rosa Beat Story Mode (3rd Climax)
Balder Beat Balder (Tag Climax)
Rodin Beat Rodin (Tag Climax)


Weapon How to Unlock
Love is Blue Default Weapons
Rakshasa Chapter 1 – Gold LP
Alruna Beat Chapter 12
Kafka Chapter 2 – Gold LP (Verse 5)
Chernobog Chapter 5 – 2 Gold LP
Undine Chapter 6 – 2 Gold LP (Verse 1/6)
Takemikazuchi Chapter 8/9 – 3 Gold LP (Verse 5/7//6)
Salamandra Chapter 10 – 3 Gold LP (Verse 3/6/8)
Handguns Beat Story Mode
Rodin Defeat Rodin (Purchase Platinum Ticket)
Scarborough Fair Purchase Super Mirror
Shuraba Purchase Super Mirror
Chain Chomp Beat Story Mode (3rd Climax)
Umbran Armor Beat Chapter 14 (Purchase from Rodin)


Accessory Cost Ability
Pulley’s Butterfly 100,000 Butterflies Take Hits for You
Infernal Communicator 100,000 Summon Demons to do Your Bidding
Sergey’s Lover 100,000 Summon Shadow for Extra Damage
Star Dineta 100,000 Heal When Taunting
Gaze of Despair 100,000 Enrage Enemies (Stronger but Higher Combo)
Selene’s Light 100,000 Activates Witch Time When Hit
Evil Harvest Rosary 100,000 Removes Witch Time for Explosion
Moon of Mahaa-Kalaa 200,000 Counter/Stun Enemy When About to be Hit
Eternal Testimony 25 Tears of Blood Gain 2 Magic Orbs When Depleted
Bracelet of Time All Gold (2nd Climax) Activate Witch Time Whenever
Climax Brace All Tears of Blood Unlimited Magic Power
Immortal Marionette Beat 1st Climax No Need to Time Attacks for Combos
Mallet of Rewards 100,000 Get More Halos and Items (Torture Attack)
Earrings of Ruin Beat Game Summons Umbran Armor When Umbran Climax
Climax Brace 2 All Platinum (2nd Climax) Higher Offense, Weaker Defense



Costume How to Unlock
Old Hairstyle Super Mirror
Old Nun Hairstyle Super Mirror
Old Uniform (Jeanne) Super Mirror
School Girl Super Mirror 2
Police Woman Super Mirror 2
Witch Apprentice Super Mirror 2
Metal Witch Super Mirror 2
Dress Super Mirror 2
Uniform (Jeanne) Super Mirror 2
Old Sarasaland Princess Hairstyle Super Mirror 64
Old Hero of Hyrule Hairstyle Super Mirror 64
Old Galantic Bounty Hunter Hairtyle Super Mirror 64
Mushroom Kingdom Princess Peach amiibo
Sarasaland Princess Daisy amiibo
Hero of Hyrule Link amiibo
Galactic Bounty Hunter Samus amiibo
Fox McCloud Fox amiibo
Rakshasa Purchase Weapon
Kafka Purchase Weapon
Chernobog Purchase Weapon
Takemikazuchi Purchase Weapon
Chain Chomp Purchase Weapon
Super Mirror Beat 2nd Climax
Super Mirror 2 Beat Story Mode
Super Mirror 64 Beat 3rd Climax


Chapters / Verses

Chapters Verses Hidden
Prologue: World of Chaos 3 0
Chapter I: Noatun, The City of Genesis 13 7
Chapter II: A Remembrance of Time 9 5
Chapter III: Paradiso – The Gates of Paradise 1 0
Chapter IV: The Two Meet 9 4
Chapter V: The Cathedral of Cascades 11 6
Chapter VI: The Bridge to the Heavens 1 0
Chapter VII: The Ark 5 1
Chapter VIII: An Ancient Civilization 14 5
Chapter IX: The Gates of Hell 8 3
Chapter X: The Depths 13 7
Chapter XI: Inferno and its Ruler 1 0
Chapter XII: The Lumen Sage 2 0
Chapter XIII: Vigrid, City of Deja Vu 12 3
Chapter XIV: The Witch Hunts 7 1
Chapter XV: Truth 8 2
Chapter XVI: Sovereign Power 9 1