Five Movies Turned into Video Games You Probably Forgot About

Video games and movies are both entertaining, but combining the two can often result in a terrible concoction. Not every film needs to be turned into a game but in order to get as many tie-ins as possible, there are more on the market than necessary. Some are decent but the majority are just awful. This list isn’t going to delve into whether or not to play them, that’s up to you. We just wanted to bring your attention to some titles that may have been forgotten or you didn’t know existed in the first place. Pretty popular films could have resulted in terrible games, but who knows, they may turn out alright.

3 Ninjas Kick Back

Children of the ’90s may recall a literal gem of a film in 3 Ninjas. It was a masterpiece filled with martial arts action, Home Alone-style humor and Tum-tum! The trio of sibling ninjas appeared once again in 1994 with 3 Ninjas Kick Back. The sequel didn’t fare too well and the SNES and Sega Genesis video game based on it had the same fate. Players would traverse through various levels while defeating enemies on their way to retrieving a magical dagger. It’s your standard platformer combat kind of game, but didn’t highlight the film. 3 Ninjas had potential of obtaining video game greatness, but fans had to wait a year after the original release for a game based on its sequel and that just didn’t work out too well. Today, you would probably enjoy watching the films over playing the game.


The friendliest ghost around is Casper who made his debut way back in the day. He’s such a good kid that he’s even appeared in a couple of video games. From the 3DO to Super Nintendo, up to the Sega Saturn and PlayStation 2, Casper has shown up pretty much everywhere (perhaps due to his ability to travel through solid objects). After the 1995 Casper film is when he started arriving on video game consoles. It was a fun movie filled with laughs and emotional moments. The games didn’t really stick to that aspect though as they were more of an adventure title. On the PlayStation you would travel around the grounds of the mansion and look for items. Looking back, it seems like a simple time. It’s been a while since a Casper film received a video game which means you’ve probably never given it a try. If you’ve ever played the games you’d most likely find it entertaining. The movie is enjoyable as well. Don’t be afraid of no ghost, Casper is a real pal.

The Grinch

You’re a mean one especially if you haven’t heard of this iconic Christmas character. The Grinch is one of Dr. Seuss’ creations from 1957. The animated special always airs during the holidays but in 2000 a live action adaptation was made starring Jim Carrey. Alongside the release of the film came The Grinch, a 3D platformer on PlayStation and Dreamcast, where players collect schematics to build new devices. It received average reviews which could even grant it a success as far as movie video games are concerned. If you’re looking for something new to check out during Christmastime, this could be at the top of your list. There is even a chance the game is better than the film itself, but that’s up to you. You probably won’t truly hate it either which is good because that would just turn you into a grinch.

Austin Powers

Get your mojo back, yeah baby! Austin Powers is the complete opposite of James Bond but they both happen to be quite the ladies men. Either way, the shagadelic Powers character starred in three films and surprisingly received a couple of video games. It’s a shock that films with adult themes were turned into games for children. Two Game Boy titles, Austin Powers: Oh, Behave! and Austin Powers: Welcome to My Underground Lair!, feature various mini-games with the former actually having a bit of platforming action. Then, Austin Powers Pinball, for PlayStation was released in 2002 featuring tables for two of the films in the series. While the gameplay in all three titles are safe for children, it’s just one of those weird marketing ways of converting adult-oriented entertainment into making quick bucks. Playing these games back then and even now are cringe-worthy but at least the movies were more memorable.


Coraline is a highly-praised film, winning many awards and nominated for an Academy Award in design. The story centers around a young girl who travels to a parallel version of her world. The video game based on this popular movie released in 2009 for Wii, DS and PS2. There was actually a lot going for it. Environments were large enough to go exploring, original actors were cast to do voice work and the graphic and animation for characters was smooth. There just wasn’t enough to capture the spirit of the acclaimed film, though. Due to poor reviews an Xbox 360, PSP and PS3 version were scrapped which could have led to more fans getting their hands on it. Regardless, if you can find a copy then you might love giving it a go and hopefully end up enjoying it as much as the movie. It’s possibly one of the better video games you’ll find based on a movie, but not by much.

These five entries are just the tip of very large and often dangerous iceberg. Some are average while most failed to gain traction, but that doesn’t mean everyone will hate them. Let us know which movies-turned-video games you enjoy in the comments below. There are bound to be a few good ones out there, right?