Sci-Fi Noir Tactics Game All Walls Must Fall Now Available

We may have had several alternate history games involving a futuristic, high-tech world where the Cold War never ended, but have we ever had one that involving time travel? Oh wait, we have had Singularity…well, have we ever had any isometric strategy games involving that same premise? No? Then great, as Berlin-based developers inbetweengames are now here to help fill that niche gap with All Walls Must Fall, a “techno-noir” tactics game that has now left Early Access and is available for all to check out, complete with a new trailer that you can check out below.

Set during a single night in Berlin in the year 2089, the game sees both sides of the Cold War trying to prevent a nuclear strike as agents attempt to figure out who is behind the attack. Not only does the isometric strategy game feature procedurally generated levels, time manipulation abilities, and a blend of 2D and 3D artwork, among other things, but but it also has a soundtrack that reacts to the gameplay and actions that happen to the beat of the synth soundtrack, so killer music is a key feature here. All Walls Must Fall is now available for PC, and may definitely be one for strategy fans to check out.