Where the Water Tastes Like Wine Gets Launch Trailer, Soundtrack Available

As seen in our review earlier today, Dim Bulb Games’ Where the Water Tastes Like Wine is an absolutely incredible game, a unique adventure that explores storytelling and American folklore across a bizarre journey. And if you want to get an idea as to how that journey feels like, then allow the launch trailer below to sum it up nicely. While it obviously differs a bit from the overall look of the game, the stellar animation in the intro alone as our skeletal figure wanders around the country is easily worth a look.

If you would prefer to grab a copy of the game’s incredible soundtrack instead, then good news as well, as it is also now available on Bandcamp to purchase. Crafted by BAFTA-nominated composer Ryan Ike, the thirty tracks encompass the likes of blues, swing, country, and several other classic genres that defined the early days of America. Where the Water Tastes Like Wine is now available for the PC, and is definitely one not to be missed out on.