Far Cry 5 Has a New Bill of Rights

Looks like Hope County has a slightly different list of unalienable human rights; they seem to include taming malicious wildlife and doing acts of ultra-violence to one’s fellow man. Fortunately, in the context of a video game, it’s presumably all in good fun. Pretense aside, it looks like Hope County’s list of rights run the full span of the features present in Far Cry 5 — which hopes to leverage the features from previous games and apply them here. This spans from bearing arms to taking advantage of muscle cars and using some heavy prejudice of firearms against Joseph Seed and his mean, murdering cultist friends. Killing killers may still be murder, but in Far Cry’s Hope County, it looks to be well within one’s rights to defend themselves to the extreme.

See the Bill of Rights trailer for Far Cry 5 below. Far Cry 5 is headed out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on March 27.